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My Last Dog Groomer Has not been Very Good

dog groomer Austin
I've a dog with a lot of hair and it does not look good when it's unkempt, and that's why I pay enough money to transmit him into a dog groomer every couple of weeks roughly. The last time I attended, The course notes said they individual who usually will it will no longer works there, i really allowed another person to get it done. I express what I will often have done and he or she assured me she could look after it with no problem.
dog groomer Austin
Right after what she thought, but the job she did was nothing beats I desired. She did not cut my dog's fur down enough using places and then she created a few bald spots on other occasions. I used to be so furious after i saw it that we vowed to never return there so long as I live. The dog owner heard my tirade and offered me free services before dilemma is resolved. We are so upset that i'm unclear whether or not I must take him on the offer he made.

Post by doggroomertx7u (2016-07-26 10:45)

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